Creatio Mundi (Creation of the World)

A creation myth from a fantasy series I am working on, called the Four Kingdoms. This is the Church of the Four Kingdoms. Yes my Christianity stand-in.

Züs = Zeus

Oden = Odin

Osīrəs = Osiris

Amätĕräso͝o = Amaterasu

“Creation story of the world as told by Prophet George.”

-Monk John Chopel of the Church of the Four Kingdoms Orthodox, the year 1415 Third Kingdom (15th century)

Prophet George (Years 500-589, Second Kingdom), had visions from Tyra of Roma, Mother of the Empire. She showed him the creation of the World. He saw the unimaginable. He said, “You cannot conceive of it, neither sound nor color. You peer into the distance until you realize there is no distance. You think everything is black, but you realize there is no black. Nothingness.”

The Prophet spoke of more nothingness, how he almost went mad for something to exist. Thus he uttered these famed words: “In the beginning, there was nothing. Then came light. As the light died, it left an impregnated darkness. The Three Fathers and Mother were born next.”

Oden, Züs, Osīrəs, and Amätĕräso͝o, were said to have ripped out the darkness. First came Amätĕräso͝o, she being close to the Primordial Light. Then the cold Oden. Osīrəs came next but preferred the darkness. Last came Züs, who immediately went after Amätĕräso͝o. He couldn't have her, for her light blinded him. For a time, as the Prophet spoke, all remained the same.

Until Amätĕräso͝o's belly grew. The Three Fathers saw she was in large, and it pained her to stand. They set about constructing a dwelling place for the Mother. Züs made the Heavens. Osīrəs took from the darkness and molded the lands and waterways. Then Oden created rigged and snow-topped mountains. They carried The Mother onto land, for she could no longer walk; her belly was too round, and the pain was unbearable. As they watched, Amätĕräso͝o birthed the Primordial Sun God Surya. Diana, the Primordial Moon Goddess, came afterward.

After the Light Brother and Gray Sister came, the Timeless One, Ori, was born last. They were the first children of our World. Prophet George said many years ago. As Surya, Diana, and Ori were playing, the Light Brother and Gray Sister ran in circles around Ori. The Timeless One was old by the time they stopped running around him. Ori said it took twelve times. Thus came the months.

Züs attempted to take Diana but was choked unconscious by the Moon Goddess. Oden saw it took seven times for Züs to wake and become unconscious again; twice he struggled to get up. Ori proclaimed these as the weekdays and weekends. Ori watched his siblings age up; he counted ten times. Thus he created the decade. Ori's brilliant mind calculated from the time of the Primordial Light to the aging of Surya and Diana, over billions of years has passed. Ori created time. He called this Eternal.

As time went on, Amätĕräso͝o's belly grew big again. Surya had constructed a temple in anticipation. For nine months, she was with child. In the second week of the ninth month, she gave birth. Three brothers, the Rock God Aramaz. Kal, the Father of Mankind. And the last brother, the Winged Rangi. Billions of years have passed as the three brothers grew up and Amätĕräso͝o gave birth to more children. The vision stopped there. Prophet George fell asleep for three days.

Prophet George awoke to another vision, he saw the World had changed, and foliage had grown everywhere. Beast walked the land. We lived in the glorious First Kingdom. When asked why Tyra gave him the visions and did not let him see the creation of Life, he said, “All the Gods except Kal had fallen asleep. Only the Father of Mankind knows how Life came to be. The secret shall remain with him.”

He said then: “Ori, architect of time, gave us the weekdays, the weekends, decades, and so forth. After the First Sin, when we were expelled from Eternity.” So ended the second vision of Prophet George.

Years passed, and upon his deathbed, Prophet George had a final vision. Tyra showed him Finis Lucis, when the Primordial Light will fade. All of creation becomes nothing again. Many of the Church did not heed Prophet George's dying last words. But it was his disciple Marcus who preached Finis Lucis. Marcus proclaimed Finis Lucis as the outcome of the Fourth Kingdom's end.

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